SOUP catering services

SOUP - vegan and vegetarian catering in Helsinki

 we have been collecting vintage miss-match tablewear for some years,

and in addition to our regular catering services we also rent plates, cutlery, glasswear, vases, candle holders & larger buckets for ice & skumppa!

we can cater up to a 175 person event currently, but we are collecting all the time :-)

we do our pricing on a per head basis (p/h), the price includes delivery, collection & cleaning, all prices have ALV in addition at 24%

main meal, 3e p/h

plates, knives & forks

dessert & dinner, 3,75e p/h

plates, knives, forks, desert plate & desert spoons

main meal & drink, 3,5e p/h

plates, knives, forks & 1 glass / cup (water, wine, coffee, or cognac)

multiple glasses / cups added at 0,50c p/h

full service, 5,75e p/h

plates, knives, forks, desert plate, desert spoons,

all glasses / cups needed, ice buckets or vases also can

be included

vase & dry flower hire packages

dry flowers that lend themselves to both modern & vintage wedding styles can be hired upon request. dry flowers are a great budget friendly & sustainable alternative to fresh flowers.

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