SOUP catering services

SOUP - vegan and vegetarian catering in Helsinki

autumn / winter, 2019 / 2020


fennel, roast pear & cashew

beetroot & dill hummus

red cabbage, feta & orange

kale & rosemary pesto

carrot, coriander & coconut pesto

horseradish, yogurt, grated beetroot & lipstikka

seaweed tapenade


roast beetroot, red cabbage, dill, grapefruit & young goats cheese

pear barley with carrot pesto, orange, fennel  & tarragon

roasted leek & lanttu, cashew nuts, parsley, coriander turmeric dressing

roasted carrots with tyrni mayo, raddhiccio, dill & celery ribbons

ruusukaali & kale with truffle - lemon dressing & toasted sunflower seeds 

tomato, lingonberry, bulgarian feta , lipstikka & spinach

roast cauliflower, baby gem lettuce, carrot ribbons with caesar dressing & hemp seeds

red quinoa with roasted parsnip, capers, whole grain mustard, raddhiccio salad & leek

raw red cabbage, beetroot & lingonberry, with mint, dill & tarragon & olive oil

warm foods

butternut squash stuffed with wild rice, sage, raisins & nuts, with rosemary cream

grilled aubergine with black tahini dressing, goats cheese, grapefruit, parsley, dill & coriander

lanttu & carrot dauphinois, with oat cream & “nut parmesan”

charred red cabbage with fermented chilli scrambled tofu, cashew cream, mint dressing & chives

carrots baked in fennel - orange tomato sauce, with fennel pesto & fried red quinoa

portobello mushrooms stuffed with gorgonzola, spinach, dates & crushed pistachio

blackened cauliflower cheese with béchamel, & a mixture of cheddar & gruyere cheese

whole baked celeriac with oyster mushrooms, fermented lingonberries & dijon cream

lanttu roasted with st agur blue cheese, mixed greens, turmeric dressing & pippari biscuits

cauliflower with chestnut mushroom puree, baked in puffed pastry


mirin & spice poached pears with cardamon cream

orange blossom pana cotta with seabuckthorn curd

olive oil cake with hibiscus, blood orange and cumquats

spiced date and marmalade frangipane tart

toasted marshmallow cacao cake with salmiakki

vegan baked lingonberry cheesecake with mulled winter fruits

gingerbread sticky toffee pudding

rye and beetroot brownies with dark chocolate

carrot cake with pineapple compote & cream cheese frosting

beetroot cake with blackberry honey & creme fraiche