SOUP - vegan and vegetarian catering in Helsinki

     Example catering menus

autumn winter 2017 / 2018


cold foods

roasted beetroot & red cabbage with fermented chilli & parsley (ve)

potato & purple carrot salad with oat cream walnut dressing, coriander & dried prunes (ve)

tomato salad with lingonberry dressing & pine (ve)

butternut squash & broad bean with miso-peppercorn dressing (ve)

kohlrabi noodles with sunflower seed “satay” & pickled mushrooms (ve)

grilled leeks with Finnish goats cheese & blueberries (v)

black lentil & pine pate (ve)

split pea hummus (ve)

apple & raisin chutney (ve)

cashew, red cabbage miso & pear pesto (ve)

sauerkraut, mustard & turmeric dip (ve)


warm food

charred cauliflower stuffed with forest mushroom puree, dressed with salted lingonberry juice (ve)

caramelized swede with baked pear, pickled red cabbage & crumbled feta (v)

oat cream, leek, parsley root stew with truffle oil & salted macadeimia nuts (ve)

kohlrabi dauphinois, with gruyere & black garlic cream (v)
3 mushroom stroganoff with glass noodles & pink pickled cauliflower (ve)

slow cooked whole carrots with honey and salted lemon, buffalo mozzarella, parsley & apple pesto (v)

potato puree with creamed chantarelle mushrooms, lingonberry dressing & salmiaki salt (ve)


sweet food

parsnip cake with white chocolate gnash and red currents (v)

date cake with turmeric icing (ve)
chocolate & pumpkin cake with orange icing (ve)

apple & blackcurrent crumble with rye crumble & liquorice whip (ve)

salted lemon tart (v)