Example catering menu



Autumn / Winter 2016


Small foods

Grilled celeriac, truffle hummus (ve)

Beetroot lingonberry soup (ve)

Cumin egg mayonnaise and cress (v)

Caramelised fennel with ricotta and pickled cabbage (v)

Curried kale and broccoli salad (ve)


Bigger foods

Roast butternut squash with walnut butter and kale pesto (ve)

Gorgonzola mac n cheese with pickled cauliflower and thyme ketchup (v)

Mushroom stroganoff, rieska taco’s (ve) or (v)

Grilled broccoli with broccoli peanut pesto and mashed potato (ve) or (v)

Roast parsnips with apple jam, rosemary infused feta and portobello mushrooms (ve) or (v)



Sweet foods

Poached pears in a vanilla bath with oat crumble (ve) or (v)

Chocolate brownies with liquorice and berries (ve) or (v)

Carrot cake with walnuts (ve) or (v)

Chocolate mashed potato with meringue and mango salsa (ve) or (v)

Lavender chia pudding with coconut cream and banana (ve)