SOUP catering services

SOUP - vegan and vegetarian catering in Helsinki

SOUP is the work of two Brits who came to Helsinki for love over 5 years ago.

Our vision is to take things back to a more simple time with the original old school fast food, soup! 

It can be difficult to remain healthy when life is busy, so we want to provide the good people of Helsinki with wholesome, nutritious and filling meals that are served in seconds. 

Our bread is baked fresh daily on the premises, because we believe that each person deserves to eat fresh bread once per day.  

Our menu’s are designed to use seasonal produce, and celebrate the taste of a few key ingredients. We are also a completely vegetarian establishment.

Any disposables we use are made from sustainable materials and arevbiodegradable/recyclable. 

So come join us in celebrating vegetables and changing the fast food industry for the better.


Stay souper!

Christopher Dare & James Pearman